Mexican food, heritage of humanity.

Mexican food is much more than typical dishes of our country, is a reflection of a culture based on religious rituals, in the magic and art.

Maize is the most representative, with more than seven thousand years old, according to the Maya is the creation of the gods, and from which mankind created. The origin and cultivation of this nutrient-rich element has been the power base of all cultures in our country, so it is a symbol of belief and cultural identity.


Pre-Hispanic gastronomy of Mesoamérica

The pre-Hispanic gastronomy of Mesoamérica had like basic foods: maize (more than 40 varieties), kidney bean, Chile, tomato, green tomato and the pumpkin. Besides the previous ones, they were also used… seeds like cacao, amaranth, chía (salvia Hispanic), peanut, sunflower and pinion; cases like ejote, guaje, mezquite, guamúchil, hueynacaxtle, cuauhpinole and jinicuil; leaves like quelites (papaloquelite, quintonil, verdolaga, among others), chaya and choyo; flowers of pumpkin, yucca or chocha, kidney bean, garambullo, colorín, huauhzontle, golumbos, cocuite, bishop's weed and alaches; fruits like chayote, chilacayote, garambullo, mamey, avocado, soursop, cherimoya, papaya, soursop, chicozapote, changunga, sapodillas, plums, guava, pitaya, pitahaya, bigeye tuna, xoconostle, among others; roots such as sweet potato, jícama, chinchayote, yucca and guacamote; more than 500 species of insects like: ahuautle, chahuis, chapulines, chinicuil, cuetla, cupiches, escamol, worm of maguey, titococos, between many of others; domestic animal like guajolote, the bees, the Creole duck, as well as dogs xoloitzcuintle. One discusses if the native pigs (coyámetl and pízotl)) they were or not a domestic animal. besides varieties of fish, wild seafood, as well as birds and mammals (duck, chachalaca, chichicuilote, armadillo, hare, deer, manatí, wild boars, et cetera). Innumerable varieties of chili peppers (droughts, smoked and fresh) served as condiment, as well as epazote, the coriander, vanilla, the annatto, the native onion xonácatl (well-known by the name cebollín), the pepper of Tabasco, the leaf santa and the leaf of avocado. Between the old utensils used by the Mexicans, they emphasize the comal, molcajete, metate, the mud pots, jícaras of guaje and bules to transport the water. Huitlacoche, flower of pumpkin, quintoniles, huauhzontles and other products of the market of Santa Maria the Shore, City of Mexico (photo of Louise Ranck) As technical of preparation they are possible to be mentioned: huatape, jacube, mextlapiques, mixiotes, mass, nixtamal, the GIP, pilte, pinole, pipián, to tatemar, siguamonte.


Some typical Mexican dishes are: Pozole, Birri, tacos, pancita, enchiladas,tamales, mole poblano, quezadillas, chilaquiles, chiles en Nogada, greaves, avocado, and an endless fijoles food needs to be mentioned


Some drinks are more representative of mexico: tequila, mezcal, flavored water, coffee, atole, chocolate,


the most famous restaurant of Mexican food in Mexico City are: la terraza, el cardenal, hosteria en santo domingo, el pujol, la fonda del recuerdo,la teberna del leon, restaurante lamm, naos, los girasoles, la casa de los azulejos, cafe tacuba, isadora elcardenal_02.jpgcafe_de_tacuba.jpg

Mexican Drinks and Beverages Recipes
Mexican Drinks and Beverages Recipes

Mexican Drinks and Beverages

Beer (Cereza) - Mexican beers has been in the international market for several years, and some has been imported to the United States with great success. Mexican brews offers different colors, mixes and tastes.
Damiana Liqueur - A small shrub with smooth, pale green, oval leaves and aromatic yellow flowers. Damiana (turnera diffusa) is found in hot, humid climates such as Mexico and South America as well as Texas and California. The Damiana Margarita is a very popular dirnk in the Los Cabos area of Mexico

**Margaritas** - Probably the most popular Mexican drink with the basic ingredients of tequila and fresh lime juice. There are many varieties of Margaqritas to enjoy.

Sangrita - The traditional Mexican aperitif that is usually served chilled alongside a shot of Tequila or as a mixer. Sangrita is traditionally blended with the following ingredients: tomatoes, fresh lime juice and orange juice, onions, salt and hot chili peppers. Sangrita should not be confused with the popular Spanish fruit and wine elixir, Sangria.

**Tequila - The National Drink and Essence of Mexico** - Tequila, the first distilled spirit on the North American continent, is known to most Norte Americanos as a fiery beverage to be dutifully downed during adolescent rites of passage. Today, tequila and its rustic cousin, mezcal, are fast becoming the newest discovery by sophisticates of the international dining and drinking scene. Not a newcomer, Tequila has existed south of the border since the early 1700's, often fueling the fires of revolutions when victories and food were scarce.

Tequila Sunrise - A refreshing mixture of tequilal, orange juice and grenadine.
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